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    Payroll System

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    BizPay-Payroll is very reliable,easy to use and a perfect solution which will calculate salaries, wages, allowances and deductions and produce all relevant reports such as Salary Sheet, PaySlip and EPF/ETF/PAYE Reports. BizPay-Payroll also facilitates Bank and EPF/ETF E-Transfers. BizPay-Payroll will save weeks of time, effort and money while minimizing the risk of practical mistakes.


    Time & Attendance

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    BizPay-TNA solves your issues with employee attendances and their timely working capabilities. This will reduce the time cost of calculating No pay, Late, Overtime and handling leaves using employee attendance information and track the employees. This will save millions of money for the company. BizPay-TNA is neatly integrated with BizPay-Payroll, so you do not need to feed inputs such as Nopay, Late, Overtime and days attended. All necessary reports included such as Raw Data, Head count, Absentees and Time Sheet. 


    Stock Control System

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    Goods Receiving, Issuing, transferring, adjustment and many more related transactions are handling under the Perfect's stock control system. Bin card and stock valuation are the most important reports currently we have. Purchasing and other modules can be attached on request by the customer.


    Job Costing System

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    PSSBiz-Costing, Job Costing Solution enables better cost calculate process including Job estimation, estimations approve, job creation, labour in-out, labour OT, labour incentives, Batta payments, material details, Stock control with valuations and many more.


    Loan Management System

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    PSSBiz-Loan, Loan Management System is very important for financial sector as it handles loan advances with interests. Interest method and Installment method can be varied as your wish. Receipts with delay, capital payments also can be handled. Re-Scheduling facility and guarantors information also in the solution.


    Student Management System

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    PSS Student Management Solution is designed to Manage transactions of Educational Institutions. Subject, Grade, Class and Student are some main categories. Cash collection, Payments by Subject and by grade reports are very interesting reports. Commissions of teachers also can be calculated.

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