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    EPF E-Returns through Payroll Software

    Electronic method of doing a transaction is generally called E-Returns or E-Transfer. You can send an email of a soft copy or upload a soft copy to web site when using this method. Green environment, time efficiency and reducing the practical mistakes are significant benefits of the e-returns method. This will be popular among the users as Computers, Internet and e-mails were the areas improved over the past decade. Salary Payments, EPF & E...

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    e-Returns System - BizPay supported

    e-Returns System මඟින් EPF තොරතුරු භාරදීම සේවකයින් 50ට වැඩි ආයතන සඳහා අනිවාර්ය කර ඇත. මෙය කලක පටන් පැවති නීතියක් වුවද.. මේ මස සිට දැඩිව ක්‍රියාත්මක වන බව අපගේ පාරිභෝගිකයින් පවසයි.. ඔබ ආයතන...

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    Payroll Management Software - In a Nutshell

    Why a business needs Payroll Management Software? For any business, the human resource management section is going to be the heart. Other than giving new appointments to employees & removing employees from their jobs, HRM section has a huge responsibility in paying timely salaries accurately. Manual salary calculations are going to be very difficult as the complexity of salary calculations and the possibility of human errors going high....

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    Save time... Save money

    Save your valuable time, money and labour while gaining more and more efficient results with PSSPay - Payroll Solution. Advantages of Software * Calculate Salaries & Wages in an Easy and Accurate manner. * You do not need to do manual form filling as System provides all necessary reports. * You can find even a detail of a previous month within seconds. * Minimize human errors. Why choose PSSPay & Perfect Software Solutions * Trustworthy, accurate an...

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    Importance of a Payroll Software II

    I hope you can remember the earlier note I have written about the same subject. We have discussed about many important Statutory Reports such as C Form, Form C3 Return, R4 Form, Form II Return, PAYE Tax Deduction, and T-10 We have discussed about the importance of reports such as Salary Sheet, Coin Analyze, Loan Status and Payslip. Let's start here.. When you paying salaries.. "Bank transfer" and "Signature Sheet" reports also will be ...

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    Importance of a Payroll Solution -I

    Submitting the documents required by the government would be a huge headache for an organization or a company rather than maintaining a business. C Form - for Monthly EPF Form C3 Return - for EPF (6 Month) R4 Form - ETF Monthly Form II Return - for ETF (6 Month) PAYE Tax Deduction - for PAYE Tax monthly T-10 - Occurs Annually for PAYE Tax There are so many reports like these. Anyway paying is the most important thing by considering ...

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    Mega Discount on BizPay - Payroll Solution (within Sri Lanka)

    Tired of preparing C Form, R4 Form Reports ...? Is preparing PAYE, T-9, T10 reports, a real mess....? Fed up of preparing Staff Loans with Excel? Don't you like to transfer your Salary, Advances, Allowances and EPF, ETF by Slip Transfer technology. We are ready to offer much more.. BizPay - Best upcoming payroll solution by Perfect Software Solutions(Pvt) Ltd. Upto 35% huge discount on all three editions...

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