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    Biz Stock Control System

    Reliable, Accurate, Flexible, Organized and Effective Solution with User Friendly Graphical Interfaces Stock control Solution in Srilanka.

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    Goods Receiving, Issuing, transferring, adjustment and many more related transactions are handling under the Perfect's stock control system. Bin card and stock valuation are the most important reports currently we have. Purchasing and other modules can be attached on request by the customer.



    • Multiple Stores
    • Entities
      1. Customer Supplier
    • Job
    • Job wise issuing and Issue Return
    • Bill of Materials
    • GRN and GRN Return
    • Stock Transfer
    • Stock Adjustments.
    • Users and Permissions
      1. Multi User Access
      2. Permission by User
    • Data Backing up facility


    • Bin card
    • Current Stock
    • Current Stock with value
    • GRN (Summary/ Detail) & GRN Return
    • GIN (Summary/ Detail) & GIN Return
    • Re-Order Items
    • Stock Adjustment
    • Job (Summary/Detail)
    • Job Materials

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